Shareaza Connection Test

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Make the connection test

For this connection test to work, you must have Shareaza running. If it's not running already, start it and make it connect to the networks. (It doesn't matter if it connects successfully or not, it's enough if it's trying.) Then enter Shareaza's port number in the box below and click on 'Test'. Your IP is Your proxy is
Port:           ( Long timeout)

How to tell what port Shareaza uses?

If you don't know which port Shareaza uses, then switch to Shareaza and open the settings dialog by selecting Shareaza Settings from the menu Tools. Then on the left panel click on Internet > Connection and look at the Port field on the right. This is the port number that Shareaza uses.

A note about proxy servers

If you have a proxy server enabled in your browser's settings, then it's possible that this connection test will not be able to find out the IP of your computer. If it fails to detect a proxy, it will test the proxy's IP, instead of yours, which of course will not work. Disable your proxy temporarily to make this test.

Should I enable 'Long timeout'?

Usually, this is not necessary. By default, this test will wait for 5 seconds for the TCP and UDP tests, to see if things work as expected. Usually, this should be enough, but if your computer is very stressed, very busy or if you have an unreliable internet connection, it might take more time for Shareaza to properly respond to the test, in which case 5 seconds may not be enough. If you enable the long timeout, the test will wait for 10 seconds. Obviously, the test will then take longer to complete.