Important information regarding Skype version 5+

I have received numerous messages from people concerning the new version of Skype for Linux. This new version seems to be a complete overhaul and from what I hear from users, it does not work with Skype Call Recorder anymore. The most likely reason for this is that Skype completely ditched the old API that SCR was using (which I can honestly not blame them for: the API wasn’t exactly great). Chances are that they don’t even offer a similar API anymore in the new version of Skype, or if they do, it would most likely require a major rewrite of SCR to make it work again. The later is currently out of question for me, because… real life and stuff.

I understand that this is hugely disappointing for many (including me), especially given that Skype decided to deprecate the old version starting July 2017. It will probably not even be able to connect to the Skype network anymore. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do about this at the moment. If anyone feels like checking whether or not there is a new API, whether or not any of the existing SCR code would still be usable, then be my guest and share your insights in a comment or even better over at Github.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience and wish to thank everyone for using this software and also for all the great feedback I received over these years!

  1. royden says:

    The “new” Skype API is unpublished, AFAIK

  2. Aurelius says:


    Thank you for your work tho. Too bad Skype recorder is not working anymore.


  3. dominic says:

    thanks for what you done till now!
    Skype Call Recorder is great thing! I love it!

  4. Adam G says:

    I’m a radio maker who uses linux. Thanks for your efforts over the years. I really hope this project gets going again.

  5. Tracy says:

    I’m still using Skype 4.3 in Mint & it works just fine, FYI.


  6. Jan says:

    Thank you for you program and your effort up to know. I now had to install Skype 8.10 on Debian, because 4.3 immediately shuts down as soon as I log in. Can anyone suggest an easy alternative to (auto)record incomming and outgoing calls?

  7. Zlatko says:

    Thank you for the good work! Hopefully we’ll have a new way to record skype calls soon enough…

  8. Maria Lelia says:

    I’ve got Zorin 12 (Ubuntu 16.04 equivalent) but I cannot record Skype calls anymore. Skype Call Recorder doesn’ work and is the only one recorder available for Linux. I really hope this project gets going again.
    I need it to record interviews for my radio programm. Thank you!

  9. Moeen says:

    try this method to record skype calls in linux, it is still working.

  10. jhnc says:

    Although it does not record individual calls automatically, a partial solution would be to use a generic recorder like ubuntu’s audio-recorder ( ). audio-recorder can be scripted, so I guess one could write code to try to monitor for something distinctive and execute “NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 audio-recorder -c start” / “NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 audio-recorder -c stop” as appropriate.

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