Version 0.11

Version 0.11 has been uploaded, get it from download page. This solves the installation issue on newer versions of Ubuntu and fixes the long-standing bug where the MP3 bitrate resets itself to the default value. Debian packages are available too.

Version 0.10 with Ubuntu packages

After a lot of silence, here’s version 0.10 with corresponding Ubuntu 13.04 builds. Grab them from the download page. I haven’t tested them with Ubuntu 12.x, but if they work, drop me a line.

Experimental Windows version

I’ve just ZIPped up the experimental version for Windows. Give it a try. It’s buggy but it works. Notes:

  • There’s a debug window that opens
  • You need to have Skype already running when you start Skype Call Recorder, otherwise it won’t connect
  • “Browse previous Calls” doesn’t work
  • Files are stored in %USERPROFILE%\Skype Calls

Hope it works for someone.

/me leaves for a week of vacation

First success with Windows version

Yesterday I finally managed to call lady echo123 and successfully record it on a Windows 7 machine. Porting Skype Call Recorder to Windows was not that much work, but since there’s no DBus on Windows, the entire connection to Skype had to be rewritten. I hope to publish a test ZIP file for others to try soon.

New site

I finally replaced that static HTML site with WordPress, so things look a bit different now.