Upcoming Ubuntu 16.04, version 0.11b

Version 0.11b fixes a dependency problem for the upcoming 16.04 release of Ubuntu. If you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04, it is recommended to upgrade to 0.11b. Download page.

Fixes for Debian, version 0.11a

Various people had troubles installing the .deb packages on Debian. Version 0.11a hopefully fixes these problems. As usual, go to the download page. Note that if your copy already works, you don’t need to update, version 0.11a contains no other changes.

Version 0.11

Version 0.11 has been uploaded, get it from download page. This solves the installation issue on newer versions of Ubuntu and fixes the long-standing bug where the MP3 bitrate resets itself to the default value. Debian packages are available too.

Version 0.10 with Ubuntu packages

After a lot of silence, here’s version 0.10 with corresponding Ubuntu 13.04 builds. Grab them from the download page. I haven’t tested them with Ubuntu 12.x, but if they work, drop me a line.

Experimental Windows version

I’ve just ZIPped up the experimental version for Windows. Give it a try. It’s buggy but it works. Notes:

  • There’s a debug window that opens
  • You need to have Skype already running when you start Skype Call Recorder, otherwise it won’t connect
  • “Browse previous Calls” doesn’t work
  • Files are stored in %USERPROFILE%\Skype Calls

Hope it works for someone.

/me leaves for a week of vacation

First success with Windows version

Yesterday I finally managed to call lady echo123 and successfully record it on a Windows 7 machine. Porting Skype Call Recorder to Windows was not that much work, but since there’s no DBus on Windows, the entire connection to Skype had to be rewritten. I hope to publish a test ZIP file for others to try soon.

New site

I finally replaced that static HTML site with WordPress, so things look a bit different now.