The newest version of Skype Call Recorder is version 0.10. See the ChangeLog or the FAQ for more informations.

Ubuntu 13.04, i386

Ubuntu 13.04, amd64

Older versions:

Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8/9, i386 (Need ‘multiverse’ enabled)
skype-call-recorder-ubuntu_0.8_i386.deb, 114 KB

Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8/9, amd64 (Need ‘multiverse’ enabled)
skype-call-recorder-ubuntu_0.8_amd64.deb, 121 KB

Debian Lenny / Sid, i386 (Etch not supported)
skype-call-recorder-debian_0.8_i386.deb, 112 KB
No amd64 for Debian, sorry, this is because there is no Debian Lenny Live CD for amd64 and installing it in QEMU fails.

Asus Eee PC with Xandros
skype-call-recorder-eee_0.8_i386.deb, 316 KB
skype-call-recorder-eee_0.5_i386.deb, 367 KB
If version 0.8 doesn’t work for you, try the older 0.5. I’d like to hear how this Eee package works for you.

RPM-based distributions, i386 (Experimental, might not even install)
skype-call-recorder-0.8-1.i386.rpm, 112 KB
skype-call-recorder-0.5-1.i386.rpm, 113 KB
If version 0.8 doesn’t work for you, try the older 0.5. I’d like to hear how this RPM works for you.

RPM-based distributions, amd64 (Experimental, might not even install)
skype-call-recorder-0.8-1.x86_64.rpm, 131 KB

Arch Linux A binary package is available in the [community] repository of Arch Linux. To install it run
pacman -S skype-call-recorder

Gentoo The package “skype-call-recorder” is available in the Sunrise overlay. See the Gentoo page for details.

Source (See compiling instructions)
skype-call-recorder-0.8.tar.gz, 82 KB

If you want to download the latest development version, see the compiling instructions.

There’s also a download archive with all past versions.

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